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Barents Road seminar Skills Supply & Recruitment. Challenges, Possibilities & Best Practices.

Cross-border cooperation is important when striving for the same goal - to make our Nordic region an attractive place in which to live and work.

Barents Road member municipalities and organisations from Finland, Sweden and Norway met on 31st of August to share their experiences & best practices in the sphere of skills supply and recruitment.

Ágúst Bogason, Research Fellow, Nordregio described obstacles and opportunities based on results from data analyses and case studies in Nordic cross-border regions. How can labour market mobility in the Nordic Region be increased?

Green transition and great investments are taking place in our region. We need to be sustainable, attractive, inclusive, safe and secure municipalities and cities that will attract large amounts of labor to the establishments and expansions taking place in the region.

Skills supply and recruitment is a common challenge and a common opportunity for us, where we can learn from each other and cooperate.


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