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Barents Road International Organisation presents Kandalaksha.

Barents Road International Organisation continues with presentations of its members from Finland, Norway, Sweden & Russia.

Greetings from Kandalaksha, Russia!

Kandalaksha is located at the very south of the Kola Peninsula, sharing border with Finland. The international border crossing point promotes cross-border cooperation between the Municipality and Finland. The twin-towns of Kandalaksha are Piteå in Sweden and Kemijärvi in Finland.

Favourable location on the White Sea gives great opportunities for water and ecotourism development. There is already a modern yacht club, which together with the Municipality annually organizes an All-Russian regatta of cruiser yachts.

Kandalaksha district municipality is engaged in territory improvement. The citizens and tourists enjoy spending their free time on a new river promenade, the renovated central square and the Alley of Friendship. Soon there will appear a new attraction, a promenade by the sea.

The Municipality is open to cooperation in different areas, including culture, sport, tourism, business and entrepreneurship.

Barents road means to us #networking #opportunities #newprojects


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